It's funny, I was actually just watching Clarkson's Car Years the other day. I think that they are all on youtube, and are definitely worth check out. Also, I would be perfectly OK with all of these alternatives. » 3/26/15 11:29am Thursday 11:29am

I agree, but I still believe that people out there are either too supportive of Clarkson or too supportive of BBC's decision to sack him. I don't believe that Jeremy should have gotten away with what he did, and despite the hate spewing on this now-toxic website (among others) I don't think he should have been fired… » 3/25/15 12:00pm Wednesday 12:00pm

Agreed, (outside of BMW) a lot of cars designed around the mid to late-90s had a habit of looking kinda bulbous and soft or just a little too "future chic". Kind of like the original iMac G3, it looked so futuristic and cool with its clear casing and wild colors, but as soon as Apple shifted all of their products to… » 3/22/15 1:43pm 3/22/15 1:43pm

Yeah, but I'm letting that slide due to them using a bunch of varied cars throughout the movie. NSXs (NSXes?), R32 GT-Rs, Evo 8s (and 9s), 350Zs, Silvias, and RX-7/8s are still prominent at shows and events so it's easier to believe, even though the 350Zs and Evo had heavy screen time. The only part of that movie that… » 3/20/15 6:42pm 3/20/15 6:42pm

I really hope Lamborghini takes notice of this, I'm almost positive that'd have the complete opposite reaction of the fun-suckers over in Maranello. » 3/18/15 8:57pm 3/18/15 8:57pm

The thing about the Challenger though, is that its design is fairly practical. It's big on the outside, big on the inside, and despite being a coupe, there outward visibility isn't too bad. The Camaro is big, and yet is somehow manages to be EXTREMELY claustrophobic when you get into it, nor can you see out of it. » 3/16/15 1:38am 3/16/15 1:38am

Honestly, just remove the tacky running boards/oversized mirrors, and finish it off with a fresh respray, and you got yourself a fine lookin' Jeep for pennies. » 3/15/15 12:22pm 3/15/15 12:22pm

I've actually looking for a new car soon, but I'd like one that's performance oriented and inexpensive to maintain/buy. Would this be a good pick? » 3/14/15 11:40am 3/14/15 11:40am

OR you could save yourself a lot of money and set up a reserve for the upcoming Ford GT. You may have to wait, but imagine the money you'll save! » 3/09/15 4:37pm 3/09/15 4:37pm

My cousins had a '98 four-door as their "shared" car for a while, they did nothing but complain about it because it slurped fuel like no other. Also, it seemed to have obscenely heavy doors and the seats were awful. » 3/02/15 12:13pm 3/02/15 12:13pm

That's the word I've been looking for. Overstyled. I don't really hate this, nor do I hate the current Lexus lineup, but the current design language of all of their cars feel WAY too busy. They're trying to be Ghost In The Shell, but in reality they're looking like something out of a bad movie set in "distant future". » 2/27/15 9:05pm 2/27/15 9:05pm